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Guidelines in Action

Global Guidelines video

Milestones and Opportunities:

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Welcomed by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese versions launched in 2020

Welcomed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in the 2019 annual report. In February 2020, OHCHR co-organised a side event on the International Guidelines during the Human Rights Council. OHCHR regularly uses the Guidelines in the provision of technical guidance were to several UN country teams around the world

Cited by the UN Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, and in the 2019 annual report of the UN Working Group on the issue of discrimination against women in law and in practice, and endorsed by the United Nations special rapporteur on the right to health

Introduction of the Guidelines to the United Nations Human Rights Committee November 2019

Embraced by grassroots and civil society organizations and cited in advocacy papers, amicus briefs, and litigation efforts around the world

1st Regional Implementation Dialogue on the Guidelines in Mexico City in January 2020

High level side event on the Guidelines convened at the Human Rights Council in February 2020

Launch of the Guidelines with extensive legal commentary planned for Geneva in late 2020

National Implementation

NATIONAL IMPLEMENTATION OF THE GUIDELINES: The Constitutional Court of Colombia has cited the Guidelines twice: in 2019, in a decision regarding substance use and human rights; and in 2020, in a landmark case on crop eradication with glyphosate.


In 2021, the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe will launch a national assessment tool on human rights and drug policy using the Guidelines as its foundation

Introduction of the Guidelines to the United Nations Committee Against Torture and to the Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights planned virtually in 2021

2nd regional implementation dialogue on the Guidelines is planned in Southeast Asia for late 2020. 3rd and 4th regional implementation dialogues on the Guidelines are also being planned for 2021

Implementation through Stakeholder Trainings

A range of training opportunities are being explored across various regions to support national and regional implementation of the Guidelines. In early 2021, the Guidelines will be introduced at a training for the judiciary in Albania

Developing tools to use the Guidelines to highlight a growing body of national drug policy best practices that are also rights-based

Expanding the coalition of governments in support of rightsbased, humane drug policy reform around the world

1st Regional Implementation Dialogue: International Guidelines on Human Rights and Drug Policy - Latin America and the Caribbean, January 2020

Download a PDF here of the Mexico dialogue summary

2nd Regional Implementation Dialogue: Implementation of the International Guidelines on Human Rights and Drug Policy in Southeast Asia, 26 and 27 November, 2020

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